Financial Freedom: A Step-By-Step Practical Guide for Walking in God's Blessings

By Terry Dean

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"This was an unexpected treasure. Up until now, I'd only known Terry Dean as an internet marketers. In retrospect, he seemed more principled and ethical than most in the lot. But I had no idea that he had such deep Christian convictions and training. This is a MASTERFUL exposition of scripture and its explanation of how faith and stewardship results in our needs being met.

This isn't your typical "give God a dollar and He'll give you back one hundred" prosperity gospel. Terry goes much deeper to uncover scriptural messages that tell us that giving ourselves to serving Jesus results in blessings in all areas of our life (including the financial arena). In other words, a spirit-filled and faithful life invariably leads to a better life. God blesses those who love Him with their whole heart.

I applaud Terry Dean for writing this book so well. His religious training is more sound than many other public religious figures. My single piece of advice is to buy this book. Your life will change if you take the book's message to heart and put it into practice."